Our Mission

Tipt, Inc. gives all profits to support music & arts programs in your local communities. We are a for-good business who believes all children should have access to the arts.

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About Tipt

Tipt is a for-good business that helps creative and service professionals collect tips in an increasingly cashless world. Tipt’s virtual tip jars combined with personalized merchandise and scan codes make it easy for patrons to find and support you. With our convenient app, you can manage your tip jars, chat with your fans, and even select another group to split your tips with to share the love!

The Team

Tipt was founded by Brad and Michelle Jenkins, a husband and wife duo with deep experience in marketing technology, eCommerce, application development, and startup acceleration.

Contact us

Tipt, Inc.
310 S. Harrington Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 495-4020