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6 Proven Ways Service Personnel Can Increase Their Tips

5 min read

January 29, 2019

Michelle Jenkins

Michelle Jenkins

Collect more tips

6 Proven Ways Service Personnel Can Increase Their Tips

5 min read

January 29, 2019


Michelle Jenkins

What if you could boost your tips by 25% without any extra effort?

...yes we thought that might get your attention.

Well today, that’s exactly what we're aiming to achieve.

If you work in the service industry, it’s likely that tips are a large component (or even the majority) of your total income. If you really want to maximize your earnings - you need proven and reliable ways to boost your tips every time you hit the work floor.

Although tips have come to be expected, they essentially remain a reward for good service. And whilst you may give 100% to every customer, there are several easy ways you can encourage them to dig a little deeper when the final bill comes.

Here are 6 proven ways that you can increase your tips – with little or no extra effort required.

1) Introduce yourself by name (and try to learn theirs!)

This one seems like a no-brainer – but it’s amazing how often service personnel don’t do this.

When meeting a new customer, always introduce yourself by name – and make sure they remember it. You’re already talking to the customers anyway, so this won’t take any extra effort on your part.

Something as simple as sharing your first name with a customer is proven to build a stronger human connection - and can result in up to 53% better tips.

If you’re really on top of your game – try and remember the names of the customers as well. If you’re terrible at learning names, try these memory hacks.

2) Make (and maintain) strong eye contact

This follows on directly from point #1. Smiling with your customers and maintaining good eye contact is another proven way to strengthen the bond and increase customer rewards.

People who avoid eye contact when talking seem nervous or disinterested. However, looking customers straight in the eye subliminally builds a better connection and makes you more likeable as a person.

By building stronger connections, you will not only have a much more enjoyable working experience - but you can also receive better tips from your customers.

3) Check on your customers regularly

This is one point that has always separated the good service personnel from the bad.

We can all recall a restaurant experience with a waiter that was friendly, polite and attentive. Nothing was too much trouble. They went out of their way to make sure you had the best possible experience.

Conversely, we’ve all had the complete opposite experience. A waiter that did the bare minimum, was impossible to get a hold of – and didn’t seem to care if you were happy or not.

I wonder which one of those two got the bigger tip?

Digging into human psychology just a little - we all have an innate desire to be wanted and to feel special.

Something as simple as saying “How was the food?” or “Do you need anything else?” when walking by can be the difference between an average tip and a great one.

If you want even more help, we also offer a range of customized merchandise to help you stay front of mind with your customers – even when you’re not there.

4) Compliment the customer’s choice

Something as simple as saying “You’ve made a great choice!” is actually enough to increase your total tips by a noticeable margin.

People always like to feel validated and accepted - and to know that what they’re doing is admired by others.

Simply complimenting your customers on their selection is a subtle yet effective way to build rapport and make yourself more likeable – and has been found to increase tips up to 13%.

5) Finish with a small present

This may not be suitable for every service job, but it can be very effective.

When issuing a final bill, try to include something such as a breath-mint as a present to the customers.

Although small and inexpensive, the gesture of receiving an unexpected gift from a server is often enough to encourage bigger tips with the final bill – in fact, it’s been proven to boost tips by up to 21%!

Considering a bag of breath mints costs so little but can deliver so much value in return – you don’t need to be a math wizard to see the benefit.

6) Leave a customized note or picture on the final bill

We’ve saved our favourite advice for last. 

Personalization is a wonderful thing, and it’s sorely underrated in many jobs these days.

When issuing the final bill, something as small as writing “Thank you” or drawing a small picture is not just a great way to end the night on a high note – it can also increase your final tips as well.

Employees who make customization part of their jobs also have greater workplace satisfaction, and more enjoyable interaction with their customers.

And there you have it. Even if you follow just one of these six rules – you’ll be sure to boost your tips almost straight away.

We are Tipt, and we’re in the business of helping service personnel, maids, artists and even musicians collect better tips in an increasingly cashless world.

Via our app, scan codes and customized merchandise, we make it easier than ever for people to receive – and increase – their total tips.

For more information, visit our website or click here to download the app and start collecting more tips, more often.


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