Pay it forward

At Tipt, we believe in giving back. As a company we give all profits to support local music & arts programs for children in your communities. In addition, we make it easy for anyone with a tip jar to also give back. Your tip jar can be set to automatically send a percentage of your tips to the destination of your choosing. Why not make the world a better place with us?

We here at Tipt believe that all children should have access to the arts. We formed Tipt for that primary purpose, and quickly found that collecting money wasn't just a problem for music and arts program, but a problem for everyone in the services business. Waiters, maids, bartenders, and more have the same challenge, so we opened Tipt up to everyone. However our original mission remains true to our hearts, which is why we continue to give profits back to local music and arts programs for children.
It's easy with Tipt! If you are collecting tips and have already set up a tip jar with Tipt, just go into your tip jar settings in the app and look for "Pay it forward". Toggle that and then set the percentage of your tips that you'd like to give back, and then select the tip jar that you'd like to give back to. We will take care of the rest automatically as you receive tips, so you don't have to worry about splitting payments or sending money.
Have them download the Tipt app and set up a tip jar with us. It only takes a couple minutes - we make it super easy. Once they set up their tip jar, you'll see it available for tipping so you can set your giveback destination to them.